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An unforgettable experience, always

The Office Host ensures that your guests and employees feel truly welcome in your office environment. This professional is always alert when visitors walk through the door, greets them with a smile, and accompanies them to their meeting. People feel noticed, appreciated, and at ease.

Your guests and employees can think of the Office Host as a personal assistant. He or she swiftly and accurately answers to all kinds of requests, such as serving coffee, arranging catering, and booking transfers and tickets.



One professional with multiple tasks

The Office Host is a new way of integrating a number of tasks in one professional. The combination of duties is always tailored to your specific demands and unique situation.

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Tailored appearance

Due to their stylish, tailored business suits and excellent personal care our Office Hosts approach your guests and employees with confidence. At bouwens& you can select personalized clothing from a range of styles and colors. That is why our professionals always fit your corporate identity and style.



Focus through outsourcing

Our people combine experience, education, and leading behavior. Their training, counseling, scheduling, and replacement in case of sickness or leave are always included. This solution lets you focus on the core activities of your business.



Efficiency and flexibility

Integrating multiple tasks in one employee almost always leads to a substantial reduction in cost. The deployment of the Office Host is highly flexible; be it for the duration of a project, a certain period, or on a regular basis. Because you always know the exact cost of the Office Host in advance, there are never any surprises during or after the agreed period.


About bouwens&

We believe that in the contact with your customers and employees true personal attention can make a big difference. By meeting people requests, they feel comfortable and welcome. This highly personalized approach helps your organization to make an unforgettable impression.

This philosophy is the foundation for everything we do. It gives us a warm feeling, just like butterflies in our stomachs. That is the feeling we want to share every single day.

We are in love with service!

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